Company's Background

Green Enterprises Ltd is a trade company which produces plastic packages for the food industry. Even though the operation period of the company is not a long one, until now it has resulted to be a story of success. Since we started our activity, we have had exclusive supply contracts with one of the largest food export companies in Greece and local distributors in Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. During this short period of time we managed to double the machines of production and we were also able to get a good market share for the production of plastic materials.

Business Description

We are an experienced and professional staff, with managerial skills, eager to underwrite new successes every day. The pillar of this foundation is quality, innovation and transparency. We are loyal to our internal and external customers and have earned their respect through honest communication, accountability and quality products that are both fair and consistent. We take pride in our customer oriented philosophy, we’ll help you pick the right containers to display and store your product. Moreover, we can custom design and manufacture plastic packages to your specifications. Our main goal is to satisfy unconditional customer pleasures by manufacturing the products which the customers need, all that in accordance with Total Quality apprehension “to inspire confidence about Customer, Quality, Price and Delivery on Time”. So if you need a good, innovative package to draw attention to your product. Green Enterprises can find the perfect fit for you. We aim to develop a trusting relationship with customers, suppliers and working people, all while adding value to our clients and consumers constantly.

Situation in the Market

Green Enterprises is the only producer of plastic for the food industry in Albania. Our main markets include Albania as well as Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo and other Balkan regions and we are waiting to get further development in other Eastern European countries. Our activity has started since December 2017 and until now the consumer’s demand has developed a trend in rising. The products we produce and trade have been well liked and accepted by the customers and from their feedback a further rise in demand is anticipated.